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“When Dhoni left him on his own, he struggled with setting fields,” Brad Hogg observes why CSK might have relieved Jadeja from captaincy

Ravindra Jadeja captained CSK for their first 8 games in IPL 2022

The former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has observed that when MS Dhoni decided to leave Ravindra Jadeja on his own in terms of setting fields, he wasn’t really up to it and he struggled with it a little bit under pressure, which is the reason why Dhoni and the CSK management decided to make a captaincy switch again and CSK’s long time leader Dhoni took the captaincy back.

Brad Hogg was analyzing this whole saga on his YouTube channel and he is of the view that CSK specifically will have to look for a captain when they go into the auction next year and the captaincy options that they might have to consider now might be international options as well because most of the domestic captaincy options have already been taken by the other teams.

Brad Hogg thinks CSK will look for a captain other than Jadeja after MS Dhoni retires

Brad Hogg doesn’t think that CSK will go back to Ravindra Jadeja as a leadership option again whenever MS Dhoni retires. They will now look for some other leadership option and they will have to look for that in the next year’s auction, because in the current CSK squad, there are not too many captaincy options.


MS Dhoni, while disclosing the reason for the switch in CSK’s captaincy midway through the season, had also hinted that he felt the pressure of captaincy was taking a toll on Jadeja’s game and Jadeja is such an important player for CSK that they would want him at his best as a player first.

While Ravindra Jadeja hasn’t been at his best with bat and ball in this IPL so far, what has been the biggest surprise is the fact that he has also dropped catches when he has been considered the best fielder in the world, and many thought that it was all because of the burden of captaincy.


It remains to be seen how Jadeja performs now that the burden of captaincy has been taken away from him.


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