2 rewards WWE can give to King of the Ring winner instead of just a plain crown

WWE is weeks away from producing a grand spectacle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, WWE King and Queen of the Ring. The latest WWE PLE is set to take place at the Jeddah Superdome in the city of Jeddah. Apart from the interesting lineup of matches, the event will be highlighted by the coronation of the new King and Queen of the Ring.

While the winners of both respective tournaments are entitled to getting their prestigious crowns which were recently revealed, surviving the tournaments over the weeks of their buildup should be more rewarding for the person who manages to clinch it in the finals of the tournament in Saudi Arabia. Let us take a look at 2 other rewards that the WWE should grant to the winners of the King and Queen of the Ring:

1. Major World Championship opportunity

Aside from being crowned King or Queen, the most important accolade for any WWE Superstar is to go to the dreamland and become a World Champion.


Moreover, as seen in 2002, Brock Lesnar won the tournament and earned himself a WWE Title match against then-champion, The Rock which saw him defeat The Great One to win the championship. Therefore, a major title opportunity as a reward for the King and Queen would be more beneficial for their efforts.

2. Power to run their respective shows

Another interesting reward that can be given to the winners of the King and Queen of the Ring Tournament winners would be the power to run their respective shows, RAW or SmackDown for a certain time period. This could allow the winners to shift the tide in their favor and possibly slither into major opportunities that otherwise they would have to scratch and claw to achieve, making it a highly rewarding and actual prize befitting a King and Queen.


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