Grand Slam Champion To Challenge Damian Priest For WWE World Heavyweight Championship Next? Exploring possible twist.

The Judgment Day has been running the show for a while now but then there’s a new twist which has seen Rhea Ripley on a hiatus due to her injury and it is not yet confirmed that when will she be coming back to the industry. Damian Priest is already on a roll and even though he apologized on the latest episode of WWE Raw and made it up to his teammates, as per the rumors, his days in the faction are numbered.

Why do we say so? Well, there are multiple reasons to believe the same. Knowing WWE for an eternity now, fans know very well the signs of a faction imploding and with very limited leadership in the ranks, it is highly unlikely that Damian Priest is going to remain in the faction. So if this is the way that the JD goes down, then what’s next for the Archer of Infamy and Finn Balor?

The answer possibly is the next championship battle and that is between Damian Priest and Finn Balor. Balor has been fighting a war for a while now and has been kind of the silent leader of the Judgment Day who has been very true to the stable.


However, with Priest and Rhea calling the shots, somehow Finn have been eclipsed. This is going to be the best angle that WWE can play out between the two. Balor’s solo fight against Edge was absolutely impeccable but he has very rarely worked on the Demon King persona ever since joining the Judgment Day.

With the question of faces and heels being thrown out of the window, this is going to be a battle of brothers. One of them may feel that he has always been eclipsed while the other may believe that he should have always been the vanguard of the contest.

As the leadership of the faction still remains for grabs, let’s hope that eventually it is going to be the Demon King taking on the Archer of Infamy, a rivalry that the fans will absolutely love.


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