How can WWE eventually bring Jade Cargill and Rhea Ripley face to face?

Rhea Ripley vs Jade Cargill: In a tragic unfurling and much to the woes of the WWE Universe they lost their best bet in the WWE Women’s division and that is none other than Rhea Ripley. An injury in WrestleMania let her reeling and eventually she had to vacate the belt. But then as per her last statement before she left the ring, she made it clear that she will be back.

So when she comes back who becomes her finest challenger? The answer is Storm also known as Jade Cargill. Ever since her arrival on the WWE, she has been a force to reckon and her wrecking crew display has been something that has been giving the fans an absolute treat. So what is next for the two? Possibly coming face to face with each other. Here are two ways that WWE can pit Rhea Ripley and Jade Cargill.

#1 Jade Cargill wins the WWE championship later and throws an open challenge

Sooner or later, if Cargill continues to do what she is so good at, then WWE will be propelling her for the women’s title. And sooner or later if we take Iyo Sky, Asuka and Rhea Ripley out of the equation, not too many big names remain. Tamina Snooker is in NXT and it doesn’t really seem like WWE is going forward to give her a title shot anytime soon. So that leaves Rhea Ripley to return and challenge Jade. To be precise, to accept Jade’s challenge and boom! We are underway.


#2 Jade turns heel and goes on a rampage until she meets the Eradicator

Cargill has the capability to run riots and truth be told we have seen these storylines time and time again where champions have gone on a rampaging spree because things didn’t go their way. Rhea Ripley may return as a face and that is exactly how Jade and Rhea may come face to face and off we go.

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