2 ways WWE can book Liv Morgan’s romantic storyline with Dominik Mysterio

Liv Morgan made major headlines the night after WrestleMania 40 on RAW when she launched a sneak attack on her arch nemesis and then-WWE Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley. The assault led to Ripley relinquishing her title and leaving WWE to undergo a rehabilitation process.

With Rhea out of the picture, Liv was the heavy favorite to win the title, only for Becky Lynch to take away her moment on the following edition on RAW in a multi-woman Battle Royal. Even in defeat, Morgan has been scheming her way back into the title picture and now has a championship opportunity against Lynch at WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE in Saudi Arabia this month.

Moreover, we have seen some encounters between Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley’s Latino Heat, Dominik Mysterio for weeks, on camera and spotted in private as well. Looking at the current scenario, here are two ways WWE can play this potential romantic storyline between them:


1. Liv Morgan uses Dominik Mysterio as her ladder to the championship

As seen during Rhea Ripley’s title reign, Dominik Mysterio’s presence and affection by Ripley have been instrumental in protecting Mami’s reign on multiple occasions.

Liv Morgan could utilize the same strategy to lure Dominik into her romantic advances in her quest to capture the WWE Women’s World Title from Becky Lynch. Following her win, she could drop Dom Dom like a bad habit revealing it to be her master plan to ascend to championship glory.

2. Liv Morgan lures Dominik into the darkness

For weeks, WWE has been surrounded by a mystery using strange vignettes, QR codes, and ominous social media deleted messages, hinting towards the return of Bo Dallas under his Uncle Howdy gimmick. Moreover, other reports indicate that Howdy will debut alongside an array of WWE superstars forming the Wyatt 6 faction that could possibly include Liv Morgan as well.



Looking at Dominik to strengthen the faction further, Morgan could lure him to her side and take Dominik’s internal darkness to another level, thereby giving his character a fresh direction as well as continuing their ongoing saga further.

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