WWE King and Queen of The Ring 2024 Predictions: 4 possible endings to Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan match

WWE King and Queen of The Ring 2024 Predictions have officially begun. The PLE is set to take over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah on May 25 at the Jeddah Super Dome. The event will be headlined with the crowning of a new ruler for both the men’s and women’s sides. However, there are other matches also lined up for the show, one being a huge title match.

The Man Becky Lynch is set to defend her WWE Women’s World Title against Liv Morgan. Following months of run-ins and encounters, Morgan and Lynch will finally get the opportunity to collide one-on-one. Here are 4 possible endings to the highly anticipated title bout in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

1. WWE King and Queen of The Ring 2024 Predictions – Becky Lynch derails Liv Morgan’s momentum

After Rhea Ripley vacated her Women’s title due to an attack by Liv Morgan, Becky Lynch outlasted an array of stats from in a scheduled Battle Royal including Liv Morgan in the end to capture the title. Lynch stopped Morgan once in her tracks and could possibly do it again at WWE King and Queen of the Ring, keeping her winning record over Morgan intact.



2. Liv Morgan finally beats The Man clean

As mentioned, Liv Morgan has never bested Becky Lynch in a one-on-one showdown. However, with momentum and a large section of the fans by her side this time, The Miracle Kid could finally topple The Man in a clean win to end her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour’ by becoming the new WWE Women’s World Champion.

3. Liv Morgan resorts to underhanded tactics to win at all costs

Ever since Liv Morgan has displayed her aggressiveness and obsession with rising to the top of the WWE mountain, she has done everything to become the center of attention. This motivation to get the job done at all costs could lead to Liv utilizing some underhanded tactics to put down Becky Lynch for the title in Jeddah.


4. WWE King and Queen of The Ring 2024 Predictions – Damage CTRL aids Liv Morgan

As seen on RAW this week, Liv Morgan left Becky Lynch alone to fend off an attack from Damage CTRL, choosing not to make enemies. Moreover, the stable themselves found one member less going forward with Asuka getting injured. This could lead to an alliance formed between them and revealed at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. Liv Morgan aligning with Damage CTRL could help her assist in dethroning Becky Lynch and leaving Jeddah with newfound friends and the Women’s World Title.

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