2 WWE Superstars who deserve to be US Champion more than Logan Paul

Logan Paul has quickly ascended to the top of the WWE ladder with his remarkable in-ring talent, massive social media following, and captivating persona. Moreover, his Hydration brand, PRIME became the first center ring sponsor for WWE in their new era.

Speaking of his WWE resume, Logan Paul currently reigns as the WWE United States Champion, winning the title back at WWE Crown Jewel from WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. However, since his title victory, The Maverick has only defended his title on only two occasions. Looking at the history and prestige of the star-spangled prize, here is a look at two WWE superstars who deserve to hold the title more than Logan Paul:

1. Kevin Owens can be a more active US Champion than Logan Paul

In his decade-long stint in WWE, Kevin Owens has proven his mantle as one of the most technically gifted and captivating WWE superstars of the modern era. The Prize Fighter has etched multiple accolades to his name, including the US title on three different occasions.



Moreover, he has been hunting Logan Paul for a while coming close to dethroning him for the title, only to be denied by The Maverick’s underhanded tactics. With his in-ring prowess, accolades, and being a fighting champion all his life, Owens surely deserves to hold the United States Title once again to give the fans a full-time champion.

2. Randy Orton

One of the greatest WWE superstars of all time and a former WWE United States Champion in his own right, Randy Orton is a worthy choice for any male championship in the global juggernaut. Moreover, current champion Logan Paul found himself in the crosshairs of The Viper on the road to WrestleMania 40.


Orton did compete in a triple-threat match alongside Logan Paul and Kevin Owens for the title, but outside interference led to Paul slithering away with the title. With Logan Paul’s part-time status taking away attention from the US title, Randy Orton seems the best option to restore credibility in it, citing his veteran and full-time performer status.

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