​WWE Legend To Help Cody Rhodes Finish His Story At WrestleMania XL? A finish that no one may see coming

As we near the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Fans have already set their eyes upon the big prize, WWE WrestleMania 40 which is all set to happen in April will possibly be featuring one of the biggest main events of all time where Cody Rhodes will be taking on Roman Reigns or let’s say the Bloodline entirely which features The Rock.

Who all is he going up against? Roman Reigns, the Bloodline, let’s just say the entirety of the Bloodline which encompassed all of the Anoai family. However, the arrival of the Rock in the Bloodline certainly tips the scales in the favour of Roman Reigns. But then is he actually fighting for the Bloodline? Well, here are three reasons to believe why the Rock will betray Roman Reigns at the WrestleMania.

#1 Rock’s heel turn is just temporary because he is the people’s champ

The Rock may have turned heel for now but that was after the WWE Universe rejected the idea of Dwayne Johnson taking the main event in his name. However, if you believe that the Rock will actually be fighting for Roman Reigns, when have you ever seen two Alpha Males exist together? It is all a ploy, a ploy to dismantle Reigns. And possibly the latest episode of SmackDown will tell you that the Rock doesn’t care.


#2 The telltale signs of betrayal are already there ahead of Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes

In the latest episode of SmackDown, the Rock didn’t even shake hands with Roman. He didn’t even talk to the Tribal Chief. And if you want to believe that is because he knows that Roman should be ruling the roost, we all know the Brahma Bull is far more arrogant than that. When Cody steps up against the Bloodline, it is actually going to be Roman Reigns who will need help for the entire Bloodline may just turn against him.

#3 The Rock is not leaving the company as a heel

At the moment there are no stories of the Rock staying beyond WrestleMania. With that being said, WWE won’t be sullying the Brahma Bull’s face. He will leave as a face and as the leader of the family, sitting at the head of the table while Roman will be outcasted in all likelihood, giving birth to a new Bloodline with Solo at the helm.


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