2 storylines that make Baron Corbin a significant force in the main WWE roster again

Baron Corbin had his dream run earlier in the main roster in WWE but then for some lack in creativity and an unfortunate show that kind of failed to rivet the audience, he was demoted to NXT and he has been there for a while now.

So isn’t there anyway Baron Corbin is coming back? Maybe there is but then WWE will need a solid creative for the same. And here are two possible storylines that can bring Baron Corbin back to the main roster where he can deliver the way he wants to.

#1 Corbin joins one of the key factions preferably Judgment Day

Baron Corbin has always been a reckoning heel and people have always loved his promos that he has managed to cut as a villain. His solo runs have somehow met an unfortunate and unexpected end. This is exactly what has to change. He has a towering figure and will be a perfect henchman.


If he joins Judgment Day maybe they will have a new leash of life with Damian Priest already in dissent with the faction. They will also have the muscle power considering the fact that Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio aren’t scary enough in terms of their sizes.

#2 Baron Corbin gets Paul Heyman to do his promo

One particular problem with Corbin has always been his mic skills. His wrestling flair is pretty fine but whenever it boils down to his mic skills, he is all over the place. In cases like these WWE try and give a manager to the ones who are usually hitting the ring.

If Corbin can get Paul Heyman to do his stories we all know that he is going to make an amazing work of the same because wrestling flair was never in question. So just a small change and we have another fine wrestler back in the mix.


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