WWE King of the Ring 2024 predictions: 3 possible finishes to LA Knight vs Tama Tonga

WWE is looking to continue its wave of success with its upcoming PLE, WWE King, and Queen of The Ring. The event will emanate from the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 25 and is expected to be another blockbuster PLE under the Paul “Triple H” Levesque era. This week’s edition of SmackDown will have two quarterfinal matches in the King of the Ring Tournament, one of them being LA Knight vs the newcomer, Tama Tonga from The Bloodline in a first-ever bout.

While The Megastar seems laser-focused on attaining the King’s crown, he sees his way blocked by the dangerous Bloodline member. Here are three possible finishes for the match between LA Knight and Tama Tonga:

1. The Megastar comes one step closer

There is no doubt that LA Knight is one of the favorites to become the 2024 King of the Ring Tournament winner. While his popularity has been red hot since last year, LA Knight’s career is missing important accolades. Therefore, the match on SmackDown could see LA Knight plant the upstart Tama Tonga with BFT to put him down and pin his shoulders to the mat to advance in the tournament.


2. The Bloodline costs LA Knight his chance

Tama Tonga would certainly not walk into the match alone, with his Bloodline cohorts, Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa being on his side for the match at ringside. The numbers game could prove to be too much for LA Knight to conquer and led to his downfall in the match. The multiple interferences could cost Knight the win and see Tama Tonga move to the semi-finals next week.

3. LA Knight receives an unlikely backup to lead to victory

As many would expect, Knight would be surrounded by the wrath of the Bloodline during his match with Tama Tonga on SmackDown. However, The Megastar could receive some backup in the form of The Bloodline’s latest rivals, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. The Viper and KO could arrive at the scene to neutralize The Bloodline’s threat and lead to Knight picking up the win over Tama Tonga.


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