Tama Tonga

It was absolutely chaotic in the latest episode of WWE SmackDown where Bloodline had a new saga unfurling as Tama Tonga joined Solo Sikoa and wrecked Jimmy Uso completely. In fact such was the magnitude of the entire episode that Roman Reigns’ wiseman, Paul Heyman was left completely stunned. Solo Sikoa blasted on his face stating that there are consequences for a loss and following that a hooded figure made his appearance in the ring and blasted Uso.

Later it was revealed that it was none other than Tama Tonga, former star of New Japan Pro Wrestling. So who exactly is Tama Tonga? Going by the real name of Alipate Aloisio Leone, an indigent of Tonga who was adopted by pro wrestler, Haku while being a kid, made his name in the sport a while ago. He was brought up in Florida where he grew alongside his brother who also stepped foot in wrestling with the ring name of Tonga Loa.

Tama Tonga
Image: WWE

It was Haku and Ricky Santana who would train both the brothers. They debuted in 2008, plying their trade in countless indie promotions and kept on pushing hard for WWE tryouts only for them to be denied a spot in the roster. The most major break for Tonga came in 2010, when he arrived to Japan and was hired by New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Here is another key faction that Tama Tonga gave birth to

After a brief excursion to CMLL, Tonga came back and founded one of the most deadliest factions in the last decade that pro-wrestling has ever seen and it was known as the Bullet Club. Amongst the members of the stable along the years, the big names of AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Cody Rhodes have also been a part of the faction.

Given the villainous nature of the stable, Tama knew what villainy in kayfabe looked like. His brother, Loa joined NJPW and also joined forces with Tama to start the Guerillas of Destiny. A force so massive that they went onto win the IGWP title seven times and they were also announced as one of the elitest tag-teams of the company back then.

Tonga’s dream run in Bullet Club came to an end when Jay White decided to ostracise him. That was the beginning of him getting a push as a singles wrestler and in less than no time he won the Never Openweight Championship, one of Japan’s secondary singles title.

It was in January this year that he clinched the title for the fourth time at Wrestle Kingdom and that is when he also announced that he will be leaving NJPW this summer once his contract ended. There were rumours of him being pursued by WWE and AEW both and eventually it was the former who won the race.

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