Reunion With Roman Reigns Or Leaving WWE – What is the next route for Jimmy Uso?

Ever since the massive beatdown at the hands of Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso has not been seen while the new Bloodline has been wreaking havoc, spreading bodies. So, what’s next for Jimmy? Is there a reunification loading for the Usos.

The chances are unlikely though because Jey Uso has been doing an amazing job as a solo wrestler and it is expected that he is going to push harder for the singles role. Even though later down the line, Jey and Jimmy may unify but as things stand, it is highly unlikely that the twins may join forces in the near future.

So where does Jimmy go? The answer probably lies in the return of Roman Reigns. Reigns has been completely taken off WWE TV ever since WrestleMania XL and it goes without saying that when he returns, he is not going to let go of the faction.



He will be looking forward to winning his crown back and when that happens with Solo Sikoa calling the shots, there will be friction. Truth be told, given the fact that Jimmy actually has been a part of the entire storyline, he should be the right one to avenge his earlier humiliation and if fortune has us all, maybe and just maybe Jey may also return to stop the madness once and for all, citing family.

Why the next career move of Jimmy Uso is dependent on Roman Reigns

Apart from the storyline, Jimmy Uso hasn’t really done an incredible job as a solo wrestler. Somehow his promos have been non-existent, and he has been off the charts in terms of matches. He has not won too many neither has he created a significant impact.

The shortened bursts are even drying out and hence he will need a strong opposition to get back to his foothold. And given his prolonged run as a heel, somehow the fans want him back on the same page as his brother. Had he been the centerstage of all the villainy then it would have made sense. But at the moment, he is just a cog in the wheel. So maybe the return of Reigns is what can restore him as the popular wrestler that he was.


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