Can Roman Reigns return and reunite with Seth Rollins? Exploring possible twist.

For people who have been watching WWE over a long time can say that this possible but the prolonged course of years, fans have known how the company can introduce various twists and turns that can even leave the biggest of fans befuddled. In a similar storyline, with just one defeat, the way WWE have changed the course of the Bloodline with the establishment of Solo Sikoa as the new Tribal Chief while MFT Tama Tonga and his brother, Tanga Loa being his two henchmen, it is just incredible. But where does that leave Roman Reigns?

We saw at the Showcase of Immortals, eventually despite the arrival of all the superstars, it was the arrival of Seth Rollins that changed the entire game where Roman went after his former brother with the steel chair and that created a window of opportunity for Cody and he took that with a smile on his face. Even after that episode, Paul Heyman explained, Seth Rollins eventually proved to be Cody’s literal shield.

So what’s next? Roman hasn’t come down the pike since then. Seth has also been tending to his injuries after he dropped the title down to Drew McIntyre eventually which was to be passed onto the Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest. The reports state that when Roman returns, it is not going to be the paradise that he left behind. He will be returning into a fractious stable which will be led by the Enforcer.


Now who’s coming to his support then? Roman himself has created an empire for sure where he can come forth with all the support from the WWE Universe but trying to keep eyes in a faction which comprises Solo, Tama and Tanga, even the hardiest of heroes won’t dare that attempt.

One possible trick though that he can pull from the bag is eventually summon one of his old friends. No matter the hatred, no matter the rivalry, if there is one thing that would erupt the WWE Universe into one of the loudest pops is the reconciliation of the Shield. With Jon Moxley away on a contract with AEW till 2027, if Hunter can make this happen, then it is going to be a double blow as it goes without a saying that this can be the main event to next year’s WrestleMania while also tempting Jon Moxley to possible return to WWE once again.

Now obviously that will need a few creatives to be written and a few unstated bridges to be burnt but then they are just formalities and with Hunter at the helm, anything is possible, even the reunification of the Old Shield, the Hounds of Justice.


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