The golden Era of WWE has begun under Triple H. Here’s why

WWE has been making strides like never before and it’s a treat for the sore eyes for the WWE Universe. Despite being a reckoning force in terms of wrestling under the Vice McMahon, yet there were often complaints that he wasn’t doing enough. However, it is all changing and that is because of one man taking over the reins of the company, Paul Levesque who is better known as Triple H.

Hunter has written up a new era for WWE and that has started from WrestleMania XL. The first and foremost thing that Triple H did right was to swallow up his ego and bring back fighters from the past who were either wrongfully released or simply didn’t find a creative.

The return of CM Punk is a living testimony to what Triple H is capable of. Now if we take a closer look at the WWE WrestleMania XL, then the main-event clash was a typical example of how Hunter charmed the world. From the arrival of icons to the short-handed cameos of the Usos, it was an absolute treat for the fans.


The way he finished things up had a lot of opportunities to drive the storyline anywhere and everywhere and the inclusion of Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa simply serves as a blazing testimony to the same. Also the women’s division has been absolutely incredible under the reign of Hunter. More importantly, he somehow finds a creative for all of them.

From Randy Orton to Cody Rhodes, everyone was in awe of Triple H at the Showcase of Immortals. He has lifted the ban from the words that could not have been used previously in the commentary and it feels that the fans are once again loving the new brand of commentary. More importantly, if he has seen a youngster deliver, then he has simply not held back. He has given him the promotion that they are so very desperately looking forward to.


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