WWE Queen of the Ring 2024 tournament: 3 possible finishes to Bianca Belair vs Tiffany Stratton

The road to WWE King and Queen of the Ring is rapidly coming to its conclusion with the finals of the namesake tournament set to take place at the event on May 25 in the Jeddah Superdome, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With multiple matches already panned out, an interesting one on the SmackDown side will see Bianca Belair collide against Tiffany Stratton in the quarterfinals of the Queen of the Ring Tournament.

The first-ever bout is expected to be a spectacular bout between The EST of WWE and the Center of the Universe. Here are 3 possible finishes for the Tiffany Stratton VS Bianca Belair match on SmackDown:

1. It’s Tiffy Time for the Semi-Finals

Tiffany Stratton has proved herself to be a remarkable athlete on the WWE main roster with her exceptional performances and growing popularity. The Queen of the Ring could be the perfect opportunity to cement SmackDown officially on Tiffy Time and elevate Stratton much higher. So with that thought, a win over a top star like Bianca Belair with the Prettiest Moonsault ever could be on the horizon.


2. Bianca Belair emerges victorious

Bianca Belair has added multiple championships and accolades to her illustrious resume in WWE over the last three years. This week’s SmackDown could see The EST move one step closer to the Queen’s Crown and plant Tiffany Stratton with the KOD to pick up the win and also bring a much-anticipated Dream match for the fans sooner than later.

3. Miscommunication with Jade Cargill

As it is known, Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair are the reigning WWE Women’s tag team champions and part of the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Cargill could accompany her to ringside for her match after her own bout. However, a slight miscommunication could lead to Jade Cargill costing Bianca Belair the match and her chance at the Queen of the Ring crown. Moreover, this could be WWE’s way to protect their match for a bigger PLE and plant early seeds for their inevitable rivalry in the future.


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