Judgment Day is coming to an end. Here’s why

The Judgment Day has been one of the most successful factions in WWE in the recent times and the fact that they have done so well is because of all the members pulling off their respective roles perfectly. Dominik Mysterio made people hate the faction. JD McDonagh has worked well to be the new villain, Finn Balor has time and time again served the situation while Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley has been the leaders of the stable.

But as things stand, the faction may be headed to its doom as all roads point to the end. But why exactly? Well the signs are loud enough and the fans may have already figures it out that the bells are ringing louder than ever.

#1 Rhea Ripley is gone from The Judgment Day

Even before she was injured, Rhea had no intentions of making interferences in Dominik’s match-ups. Dom Dom was later consoled by Rhea but the damage was already done. Following that there would be frequent altercations between Damian and Rhea which was again pointing at the exit for the Eradicator. However, with the injury which is not kayfabe, as things stand, she is already out of the equation and that means the stable hasn’t got a leader anymore.


#2 Damian Priest doesn’t want any help whatsoever from his teammates

In the latest episode of Raw when Damian was confronted by Jey Uso where he was called Dom Dom’s bitch, the Archer of Infamy made it clear that he wants to fight this battle alone and whoever cuts him short will be facing his wrath. As per reports, Damian is on his way to a solo push and for that his ties with the Judgment Day can be detrimental. With no leaders in the mix, the stable is headed for doom and its possible end.

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