3 WWE wrestlers from the current roster whose career path changed for the better after getting a singles push

We have seen many wrestlers leaping up pulling off wonders as duos and tag teams. But then a few actually emerge as so good that WWE decides to bring them further to the center and give them the push which they have thoroughly deserved.

In the modern day WWE roster, there are quite a few names who have made it big ever since they received a major singles push and eventually rose to the very top to make their presence felt. Here are three wrestlers from the current era who could make it big because WWE provided them a singles push.

#1 Jey Uso

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso were kind of inseparable. Whatever they did, whether being heels or being faces, they did it together. In fact, they even served the Bloodline together despite breaking out from the faction several times. Somehow each other’s stories were intertwined and that was kind of hampering the potential of Jey Uso. As soon as Jey Uso got a singles push, look at all the wonder that he is pulling off. Let’s not forget the Yeet in France.


#2 Drew McIntyre

While being a part of 3MB, he had major struggles trying to bring out his own personality. Not only was that group funny but the salience of the group could be hardly remembered. Hence, the Scottish Psychopath walked a different path after the faction was broken and ever since then, he has worked on his mic skills and his wrestling skills and of course his body and look where it has got him.

#3 Roman Reigns

The biggest example of them all has to be the Tribal chief. It goes without a saying that people still miss the Shield for it was one of their favourite factions, wreaking havoc everywhere. All three of them now, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose who is known as Jon Moxley in AEW and of course, the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns are superstars in their own sweet capacity. But had Reigns not being given the free run, the story could have been entirely different. That journey from the Big Dog to the Tribal Chief was worth remembering.


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