3 possible storylines for Seth Rollins when he returns to WWE

Seth Rollins is remarkably considered one of the true workhorses of WWE, cementing his place as a top-tier main event talent. The Drip God has displayed heart and soul in every performance he delivered so far and has always done what is right for the business at the cost of his own body and success.

Moreover, Rollins spent an entire year making the World Heavyweight Championship the working man’s title in the absence of then-World champion Roman Reigns. But his WrestleMania XL weekend did not end the way he wanted as Seth Rollins lost both of his high-caliber matches, was dethroned for his World Title by Drew McIntyre, sustained multiple injuries, and has since been on a hiatus which is reportedly going to last for a while.

So here are 3 possible scenarios for Seth Rollins once he makes his return to WWE:


1.  Cody Rhodes’ Shield Becomes His Opponent

Seth Rollins joined forces with Cody Rhodes to combat the threat of The Rock and Roman Reigns in their main event match at WrestleMania XL Saturday only for them to lose at the hands of the two dominant Samoans.

But the next night saw Seth’s interference leading Roman getting distracted and allowing Cody to capitalize and dethrone his for the Undisputed WWE title and finish his story. Rollins could make his return under his heel persona to remind Rhodes why is the champion and challenge him for the title to succeed where his Shield brother, Roman Reigns failed.

2. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins go to war

As mentioned, Roman Reigns’ obsession with Seth Rollins and his betrayal years ago cost him the demise of his historic WWE title reign. In a situation mirroring a memorable 2011 segment that saw the return of The Undertaker and current WWE CCO Triple H to set up their WrestleMania match, Rollins and Reigns can make their comeback on the same night and without saying a word hint at wanting to go to war.


For Roman Reigns, it will be to destroy the man who has always been his kryptonite. For Seth Rollins, it would be his desire to prove his supremacy over Reigns as the face of the company.

3 Rebuild The World Heavyweight Title Reign

Seth Rollins’ reign as the World Heavyweight Champion solidified its status as a top prize in the industry. With Rollins healed 100%, his return could see another champion, at the time, making the title irrelevant and destroying an entire year of hard work he put in to make the title meaningful.

This could fuel the desire of Seth Rollins to Redesign a plan, Reclaim the World Title, and once Rebuild his era as the champion taking the title to even greater heights than before.


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