How Can Manchester United’s Move For Casemiro Be A Win-Win For Both The Devils And Los Blancos?

After rudderless knocking of heads in the transfer windows with negligible success, Manchester United has finally announced its interest in what can be a season-changing transfer for the Devils after a woeful start to the latest season of EPL. United is hot on the heels of Real Madrid midfielder, the Tank, Casemiro.

United was heavily linked with Adrien Rabiot but the deal is on the brink of falling off as the salary demands from both parties are way off the radar and the Juve midfielder has no wish of bringing the amount down. Manchester has already informed him that they are looking for alternative options in the market.

Why is Casemiro such a valuable player for any club in the world?

Their latest interest in Casemiro can actually be the game-changer that they are hoping to introduce and he also brings in the serious work ethic that you hope Manchester United to embrace in the forthcoming days.


There are reasons for Manchester United to believe that the Casemiro move if it does bear fruit, would be a win-win for both sides. Manchester United is desperately looking for a holding midfielder who can wall off the barrage of attacks that has been a regular scenario for Manchester United of late.

They would also need someone who can be the perfect connection between Eriksen and a high-line defence that ten Hag is prone to. However, the major question here is what does Real Madrid get in return?

Well, the answer is simple. They get a boatload of money and letting Casemiro go won’t bother them at all as they are already prepping for the future and the landing of Eduardo Camavinga has already answered a thousand questions for a budding midfield who have already unleashed a volley of powerful displays, elevating Los Blancos to a pedestal from where they look down upon several European stalwarts.



Casemiro’s physical football is tailor-made for Premier League where in order to progress you need to tower over your opponents literally. He also uses his physical in staving off the attackers from snatching the ball, a game style that suits ten Hag’s philosophy of playing from the back, something Eriksen is not well-versed at and Manchester made a hash of affairs at the end of the two opening games.

He is also leadership material given his glittering antiquity at Real Madrid and ever since the fall of Bruno Fernandes from grace if there is one thing that Manchester United will be desperately craving for is a vanguard in the midfield.

More importantly, he is the exact package that Ten Hag will be willing to land. If Manchester also gets successful in bringing in FDJ, the entire heart of Manchester United will be a transformed one with Eriksen, FDJ, Casemiro, Sancho and Fernandes pulling the strings together instead of a disgruntled mcFred pair.


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