An open letter to Cristiano Ronaldo

Dear Cristiano Ronaldo,

You know there has been a lot of noise about the fact that you are finished. Finished? Oh aemmm geeee…..You know it’s like calling a God useless because they cannot fulfil those implausible demands that one would come to you. You know they say that even Gods have their limitations and the moment those limitations come into the picture, bam! You are no longer a God. Just a stone.

Here’s another funny part of this letter. You know I am a Manchester United fan and when you first talked about the club in such an insolent manner, it hurt me. It is not that I started hating you but even you know that no matter how great you are, your club and country will always remain bigger than you. It is because of the countless emotions that have been accumulated over the years from all those fans who would pass on the legacy, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.


I didn’t hate you, yes but what you did hurt me. But again, no humans are perfect. Fast forward the clock by a few days and you came up with an interview stating that it was a bad phase for you. You see, you accepted that we humans have our shortcomings but that doesn’t define us. How can it? Today if you are flying higher than the sun, tomorrow, you would be lying low to Icarus. That’s life. But then again, you saw things that the others who would pity you can’t even dream of.

Here’s the fun in growing in life. Ronaldo, you have conquered such peaks where the view from top isn’t particularly the most blossoming ones. And yet today, somehow than a close-up, drone shots are taking over Instagram. You know why because Icarus at least wanted to fly.

You know for people who thinks that you are finished, they do not understand biology. Like the way you reached the top, similarly, you would fall to the bottom. That is because no matter what your brain says, with age, your body starts giving up. Despite all those hard yards, your body tells you, “buddy, let’s take a break.”


Quoting Jared Singer and AR, you are that one man who didn’t give up when you were at your best. Actually, it is easy to leave at the peak. But you know what isn’t? Going on. Going on against the ever-rippling tides of time, challenging the norms of the world and yet scoring for fun.

Ron, for the ones who believe you are nothing because you aren’t better than Messi, I have not even heard their names in world’s worst mags. Somehow, their social media handles tells us to believe that they are Gods. And whatever they say, we should oblige. But how can we? After all you taught us to challenge the world. You taught us to believe that no matter what the world has to say, it’s worth fighting for.

Ron, we love you and we always will. Thanks for not giving up. Thanks for not accepting defeat when the world wrote you off. I may still be angry because of that Manchester United situation but we are angry only at people whom we love. We love you Ron.


Yours sincerely,

A crazy fan of you and Messi at the same time.


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