3 Superstars who can confront Cristiano Ronaldo at WWE Crown Jewel 2023

With Cristiano Ronaldo about to hit the stride in WWE as a guest in the Crown Jewel, the WWE Universe is already going bonkers. So let’s just say that this is going to be a massive event for the WWE. Well, with Endeavour coming in the frame, expect surprises like these to pour altogether. However, no matter the number of footballers who have come to the show before, Ronaldo is altogether a different ball game.

Now, the most obvious question is who should be WWE bringing into the story to get that guest appearance from Ron? The answer still remains a mystery but expect this to be crystal clear that there won’t be any kind of bland introductions.

Ever since Triple H has taken over the reins of the creative department, WWE has always found out an angle. With all said and done, here are three superstars who can challenge Ron.


#1 Roman Reigns can confront Cristiano Ronaldo

The Tribal Chief would obviously like to have a piece of one of the world’s finest athlete and what better way to have it when he comes to your home? Well, Roman Reigns may try and stand up in front of Ron and challenge him as well but once again, it is needless to say that there won’t be a full fledged fight. However, what can follow suit though is a punch being thrown or a kick maybe.

#2 Kevin Owens

KO is turning out into a RAW purist and the gimmick can be quite a tough one to pull off. Being very honest, the fact that he wasn’t pretty welcoming to Jey made him take a hardline stance and this is where he can come down upon Ronaldo in the form of an assault. Well, knowing Ron, he likes a challenge or two and won’t mind putting Owens to sleep.

#3 John Cena

This definitely won’t be a confrontation considering the fact that John Cena has always been a face and Ronaldo will be a face. Now with so much being assured, expect Cena to hand over a stare to Ron before the two finally heap praises on each other, particularly with Cena doing the majority of the talking, given the phenomenal speaker he is.


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