5 things Cristiano Ronaldo can do at WWE Crown Jewel 2023

We all know that ever since WWE and UFC merged into a solitary unit called TKO with the effort of Endeavor, there will be surprises like never before. Talking about surprises, Cristiano Ronaldo can very well be a part of the upcoming PPV called WWE Crown Jewel. With all said and done, this can be a massive move by the wrestling entertainment company which would not just leave the fans in absolute awe but probably there will be an absolute blowout of tickets.

Well, Ronaldo won’t be the first footballer to make an appearance on WWE as there have been other stars from the sport to have graced the roster. Rooney’s presence made all the noise in the rumble as he slapped Wade Barrett. With Ronaldo about to hit the stride, things can also be phenomenal. With all said and done, here are five things that Ronaldo can do at Crown Jewel.

#1 Can confront Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews recently said that Ronaldo has been a great in his entire life but now that he is getting divorced from his faculties of late, it should be time that he calls it a day. Well, this somewhat already sets him up for a mega rivalry which can even witness him throwing one of his trademark kicks to cripple Crews before he is being joined by a fellow superstar to execute a signature finisher on Crews.


#2 Can stand side by side with the Rock and the people’s champion can take out Grayson Waller

Expect the people’s favourite and the people’s elbow to come together which can lay waste to the ever-talking Grayson Waller. Ronaldo would be an obvious favourite for a talk show and with all said and done, the talk show would obviously have a few remarks which usually goes downtown from Waller would fly. This is exactly where the Rock steps up and the duo puts Waller to the ground.

#3 Ronaldo can headbutt Dominik Mysterio and oh the crowd will go gaga

One of the most hated characters in the storyline currently is Dominik Mysterio and the WWE Universe will absolutely love Ronaldo heading him to his kingdom come. However, that will obviously need a storyline, one of which obviously would be when Ronaldo talks, Dom Dom interrupts and boom you go. Out of mind, out of sight will be Dirty Dom.

#4 Ronaldo is being greeted by Triple H where the Miz turns up only to be attacked by the star-studded duo

Well, the A-Lister has always had a knack of cutting promos with superstars in it. You may not know when would he appear suddenly, may be when the Game is greeting him and in the midst of all, Miz appears. Well, the rest they say is pretty much known to us all, where Triple H and Ronaldo sets him up for a joint pedigree and boom!


#5 Ronaldo hits the Judgment Day with one of his signature kicks

When we are talking about Ron, his feet is probably one of the most expensive pair of feet in the world now and imagine WWE asking him to pull off a kicker. Well, Sami Zayn and KO will be levelling the field against Judgment Day while Damian Priest takes a drop from the man himself with Rhea Ripley merely being an onlooker.

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