WWE Fastlane 2023 Predictions: 3 Superstars who can challenge US Champion Rey Mysterio

Shocking everyone, WWE chose to give a run to Rey Mysterio who went onto defeat Austin Theory for the US title emerging as the superior force in his twilight. WWE Fastlane 2023 Predictions are in full swing to decide who will challenge Mysterio. Well, its obvious that he won’t be getting the kind of long run that he deserves but then with all said and done, you will need challengers for him to come in his way.

With all said and done, there are a few who can come in Rey’s way looking for the title that has adorned legends of the sport. Now someone who has been plying his trade in the ring for a while, it should be them considering that the legacy of the championship goes pretty deep. Here are three challengers who can eye for the title.

#1 WWE Fastlane 2023 Predictions: Santos Escobar vs Rey Mysterio

This will be coming as a shock but when has WWE ever refrained from shocking us all with jaw-dropping moments and believe this or not but the heel turns are the worst.


At the moment, Santos Escobar definitely has the upper hand and is pulling off a phenomenal run in the industry, but you never know when does WWE decide to break the faction again that was revived after a couple of decades. And that coming in the form of Santos Escobar challenging Rey for the title, well, isn’t it intriguing?

#2 Grayson Waller

After a brilliant display against Edge, Grayson Waller would be intrigued to take on the icon of Rey Mysterio. However, this is where it gets tricky.



It is needless to say that Grayson Waller has been impressive but Rey dropping the title to Waller? Well, that would be slightly eyesore unless Waller showcase further brilliance. But he can always challenge Rey for the belt around his waist.

#3 WWE Fastlane 2023 Predictions: Austin Theory vs Rey Mysterio

The man who was beaten for the title will also be the one who can attempt to still the gold from the Luchador, hoping to get a shot at redemption. Being honest, Theory has turned into a pretty disliked heel in terms of kayfabe, and will love to continue what he has been doing so well over the past few months and what better than to challenge Rey?


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