3 superstars from NXT who should be promoted to the WWE main roster now

WWE NXT has some serious talent brewing on the developmental roster and with all of that happening like crazy, with Wrestlemania XL showing what young guns are capable of, there are three talents who can take the industry by storm. Two names have had their brushes with the main roster of WWE already but needs a permanent move like Bronn Breakker has already signed a contract.

That kind of promotion will boost their morale and will allow them to do better. For someone who gets a push, not only will they shine brighter but they will also be working harder with the thoughts of incentive in their minds. What follows next, well, life is unpredictable. Here are three NXT superstars who should be pushed to WWE main roster right away.

#1 Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes have been rocking and rolling like none other and the kind of battles that he has put up recently is nothing short of heroic. He is a brilliant wrestler and his promotional skills are equally brilliant. Hayes has been a force to reckon and when he makes his appearance in the ring, the audience absolutely loves to see him perform.


#2 Ilja Dragunov recently lost his NXT Championship

Dragunov is another serious talent and the kind of gimmick that he plays will make him a vital addition to quite a few villainous stables. His wrestling skills are too good and his eye to detail which helps him hone himself with every passing day makes it better. He just needs a fine storyline and what will follow suit is class and calibre.

#3 Trick Williams

Trick Williams is another rising sensation and truth be told, he can make magic happen with his wrestling flair. Someone who is excellent at street brawls and brings the wrestling to the mat, ideally an excellent manipulator of space on the mat, Trick is also a very abled seller of his prowess. With a bit more of work, he will be a superstar in the making.


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