Who Is Ilja Dragunov? Everything You Need To Know About New WWE RAW Superstar

This year’s WWE draft were riddled with surprises and the biggest of them all were the inclusion of the NXT superstars to the main roster. One of the latest additions to the entire showdown was that of Ilja Dragunov, the Russian wrestler who made his way to the very top showing his fighting prowess for a continued period of time despite being injured badly.

So who is Ilja Dragunov and what is all the hype about? Well, Ilja was already making all the right noises for the WWE NXT roster and was challenging the title over and over again, making the top guns of the brand pay. But then with his inclusion to the main roster, expect him to muddy the waters soon enough. Here are the things that one needs to know Dragunov.

Why is Ilja Dragunov so popular?

Ilya Rukober is a Russian-German grappler who is plying his trade for WWE. His credentials are impressive enough and they include that of the NXT United Kingdom Champion and one time NXT Champion that kind of snatched the attention from the hotshots in the industry.


He has an incredible wrestling pedigree and he hails with a superior wrestling background. Before he signed with WWE, he was a part of Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) where he clinched the Unified championship once, grabbed the tag-team championship thrice and the Shotgun championship twice.

Rukober has always been a hard-working and dedicated individual as prior to joining wrestling, he worked at a pizza parlour and gas station in order to provide for his family from a very young stage.

He started his wrestling training at the German Wrestling Federation under the watchful eyes of Axel Tischer and Rick Baxxter. He was also a part of Progress Wrestling and he made his debut with a clash against Pete Dunne. His hallowed growth in the company ensured the fact that he is being looked into by renowned wrestling brands and WWE came knocking. The rest they say is history.


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