“Undertaker is just ripping him apart”- When The Deadman Lost His Cool On A 487-Pound Superstar In Real Life

Undertaker is one of the most eminent wrestlers to have walked on the face of the WWE roster and truth be told, the Dead Man is very protective about his friends in the industry. Apart from his religious working ethics, from his calibre wrestling moves to his wide-ranging eye for glory, Taker continues to be the legend in the industry.

However, two of his closest friends in the industry, Henry O Godwin and Mideon revealed that the Taker was once furious with one of the heavyweight superstars of the company and he made no attempt to hold back his punches, rebuking him for his cumbersome moves in the ring. The man in question is none other than Viscera.

Taker’s legendary behind-the-scenes group, the Bone Street Krew (BSK) comprised of the Phenom, Godwin and Mideon. At the 1996 Royal Rumble, the Deadman was a mere onlooker from the backstage when Viscera who was also known as King Mabel ended up injuring Godwinn in the 30-man Rumble match.


Here is what Mideon had to say about Undertaker and his rage about Viscera and HBK

In fact to make matters worse, Viscera had formerly botched up many such moves, eventually injuring multiple superstars in the process. In an interview that was given to Monte and the Pharoah, Mideon confessed how Taker was livid with all this cumbersome movements.

He said, “I go to the Royal Rumble and the very first thing I see is Viscera dropped on him [Henry O. Godwinn] and hurt him. I walk in the locker room and Undertaker is just ripping him apart because he broke ‘Taker’s orbital socket, he hurt Kevin Nash’s back, he just hurt him [Henry O. Godwinn]. That’s his thing whenever he wants people to take him seriously, like with Stone Cold and Shawn [Michaels], taping the fists up.”

In fact, in an unfortunate sequence, Viscera ended up injuring the eye socket of Taker while attempting a clothesline. But then when Taker returned he was donning the eye patch that would rekindle memories of the iconic Phantom of the Opera mask. In fact, truth be told, Taker had already taped up his fists ahead of WrestleMania 14 in 1998, all set to hammer the Heartbreak Kid if he by any chance was planning to gatecrash Steve Austin’s iconic move.


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