4 female stars who can finally beat Rhea Ripley for WWE Women’s World Championship

Rhea Ripley has cemented her position as one of the most dominant and impressive in-ring competitors in WWE’s women’s division. Judgment Day’s Mami has put down multiple opponents in her path including top-tier stars like Raquel Rodriquez, Zelina Vega, Nia Jax, and most recently The Man Becky Lynch, keeping the WWE Women’s World title firmly in her grasp. However, there will come a time when one challenger will emerge and dethrone Ripley for her title at the perfect time and place.

So here are 4 possibilities for WWE superstars from the women’s division that can defeat Rhea Ripley for the Women’s championship that she has held since WrestleMania 39:

1. Bianca Belair can beat Rhea Ripley

If there is any WWE superstar on the current roster who knows Rhea Ripley in and out right from their days in WWE NXT and can match the fury of WWE’s resident Mami, it is none other than the EST of WWE, Bianca Belair.


A multi-time champion, her dominant strength and impressive career resume matching straight up to Ripley, Belair can prove to be a formidable opponent for the current WWE Women’s World Champion and be the one to dethrone her for the title in one of the most highly anticipated bouts of all time.

2. Liv Morgan can beat Rhea Ripley

Liv Morgan has made Rhea Ripley her prime target ever since she missed out on an opportunity to compete for her title at WrestleMania 40.

Morgan launched a vicious assault on Ripley backstage on the RAW after WrestleMania XL as part of her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour’ that according to her would culminate with Liv capturing the title from Rhea Ripley. So the seeds have been planted and WWE could pull the trigger on Liv Morgan dethroning Ripley for the title in one of the biggest shockers of all time at a major WWE PLE.


3. Roxanne Perez

Ever since Roxanne Perez abandoned her good-girl side to transform into an evil badass woman, she has proven to be unstoppable.

Moreover, she recaptured the NXT Women’s title at the recent NXT Stand and Deliver event from Lyra Valkyria, made her successful main roster debut, and retained the title against a veteran in Natalya. The Prodigy could continue the momentum with a few more months of buildup on the main roster and conclude by defeating Rhea Ripley to become a prime fixture for WWE’s women’s division.

4. Jade Cargill

Rhea Ripley is known to be an Eradictor but even her wrath could potentially not withstand the Storm that has arrived in WWE and plans to decimate the competition, Jade Cargill.


The upcoming WWE Draft could put both Rhea and Jade on the same brand to kickoff their rivalry. This could be the perfect opportunity for Cargill to make her mark only a few months into WWE by defeating Rhea Ripley in a high-caliber bout and becoming the new WWE Women’s World Champion.

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