An open letter to Jimmy Anderson – the king of swing

Dear Jimmy Anderson,

Well being an Indian cricket fan, our relation have always been skewered. We have never really seen each other in the eye and said with a hand on our hearts that you are one of the finest. But now that you have decided to call it a day, let’s own it, there is no hesitation in saying that you are one of the best that fast bowling has ever seen and you will always remain as one of the best the world will ever see.

Jimmy, what makes you so special? Well obviously all the movement that you generate with the ball, the reverse swing, the outswingers and the inswingers, all of it are just crazy. However, what makes you crazier is the fact that you persisted for two straight decades without incurring one of the major injuries that fast bowlers are so prone to.


Well was that luck? To a certain extent yes but to truth be told, it had far more than luck in the decision. First and foremost, you were extremely cautions with your workload management. Secondly, you knew exactly which games to play and which to let go and half of the cricketers in today’s world, who are so blinded by the world of fame and money that they have decided to play everything.

Secondly, it is important to step up and make a few calls in place. Unless you are deciding which games to be a part of and which games not to be a part of, you end up risking yourself more as you put in a lot of weight on your back and that is where the risk of the most major injury starts.

Now coming to your career, you have already done a sensational job and that goes without a saying. The way you have navigated yourself through the almost impossible, that should be a lesson for the young kids out here who wants to learn the sport.


Your numbers are a living example of what an icon looks like and you have redefined all of it, making it a show to be proud of. Thank you Jimmy for your service to cricket. We will always remember you.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan


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