Jackie Redmond Facts: All You Need To About WWE RAW Interview Girl

The night after Money in the Bank was filled with surprises and was rated highly in the echelons of the recent RAW episodes that were being held by WWE. Amidst all the glitz and glam, there was a new face that emerged, and it was of Jackie Redmond who made her appearance in the WWE Broadcasting team, grabbing the limelight straightaway, interviewing the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes.

However, when someone makes a debut on RAW, the most obvious question that follows suit is who is that personality who has been good enough to grab the eyes of the WWE industry and get the role of a broadcaster, a role that is usually being looked upon as something that is one of the most desired ones in the roster. Here are five facts that you need to know about Jackie Redmond.

#1 This is not Jackie’s first rodeo in WWE

For people who are unaware, Monday Night Raw was just an extension of what has already been a gleeful start for Jackie a couple of years ago.



Back in 2021, she made her first appearance for WWE as a co-host of Raw talk and Talking Smack. The 36-year-old also garnered some serious attention back then and following that trail, she would be making ripples all around.

#2 Jackie Redmond was a part of the shakeup announced by WWE Broadcasting team

The new brand shakeup didn’t just witness the superstars being shuffled around. The broadcasting team that WWE has its disposal was also a part of this grand ruffling of feathers. Jackie arrived on RAW after Cathy Kelly was drafted to the Blue Brand.

But then again, RAW isn’t the only brand that Jackie would serve as she would also be a part of the kick-off event panels.


#3 Jackie Redmond has far-fetched interests

Jackie’s career isn’t just confined to wrestling that brings her to WWE. She brings a lot of experience to the platter and it is her immense love for sports that makes her do best what she is good at. WWE isn’t the only glam that she has on her resume. She has also covered NHL which is a part of the Warner Bros Discovery Sports.

#4 Jackie Redmond net worth

Jackie Redmond is one of those high-paid anchors with a huge net worth backing her. Well, NHL and WWE are both gargantuan of the sport and being an anchor for them, well it comes with its own perks. As a sports anchor, her estimated net worth is close to almost $400000 per year which again will keep on manifolding with every passing day.


#5 A quick glance at Jackie’s romantic interest

Jackie Redmond is not married for sure but she is in a romantic relationship with Emmett Blois but the duo keeps their love life completely out of the public eye. They have a happy relationship which keeps on thriving with every passing day.

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