2 ways in which Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes vs the Rock can be the next Bloodline saga

Bigger things are happening on the Bloodline Front and truth be told with Tama Tonga in the mix and Roman Reigns still to return and with Solo Sikoa looking for repercussions, there is a shift happening. Also, you cannot rule out Cody Rhodes’ involvement either. The man is a beast for sure and when so many big names collide, the story line turns into a constellation.

But then what exactly is cooking? Something massive. Something that will include everyone in the storyline and there is only outcome of it. Greatness. Here are two ways though how the company can bring everyone together into one rivalry with the Bloodline Saga opening up a new chapter.

#1 The Rock, Roman Reigns go separate ways to have one common enemy in Cody

With Tama Tonga stating twice that he has done things under the assertion of the Tribal Chief and with Paul Heyman shocked by that move and almost clueless about what follows suit, in all likelihood, there are two factions brewing inside the Bloodline. The first being Tama, Solo and the Rock. The second being Roman, Jey and Paul Heyman (even though this will need another member who can wrestle) and the third being Cody and Seth possibly or some other member who can replace Seth.


#2 The Rock continues the feud with Cody Rhodes while Roman Reigns gatecrashes the Bloodline party

We have already seen that the Rock has faced off Cody after WrestleMania handing something over. With that happening, it is needless to say that the battle is still on. But the surprising part is Roman Reigns was Cody’s adversary in the first place. Then what exactly is the Rock doing? Is it now the Final Boss who calls things? A lot of questions remain on the brink but answers will take time.

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