Not Jon Moxley, But WWE Teases A New Shield Member If Roman Reigns And Seth Rollins Reunite

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Kevin Owens suffered the wrath of the new Bloodline that saw Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Solo Sikoa put him through the announcement table in the style that the Shield used to do. And just in case if you need a context, Roman Reigns was the one who would eventually execute the Triple Powerbomb.

With Reigns missing in action, the new Bloodline has wreaked havoc and as far as the rumours go, Roman may be away from the industry for a while now. And it goes without saying that when he is back, the fans may go absolutely berserk. So how does it work?

Well we have seen before that any popular heel whenever they have been missing in action and came back, it is usually as a face and the current storyline that the Bloodline has been building of rampage and slaughter, that has been downright murderous.


However, that triple powerbomb that came in on Kevin Owens may just hint at the fact that the Shield may be reformed. Not with Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose but with Roman Reigns at the helm of it. With Seth Rollins teasing Roman about this entire move at WrestleMania XL, even reluctantly they may choose to reconcile for a greater cause.

Now with Moxley out of the equation, who becomes the third member of the Shield? Well, there are two options. One of them is obviously Randy Orton and the last time Orton wreaked havoc in a faction, that was in Evolution alongside Batista, Triple H and Ric Flair.

So mostly the Viper would be a solo campaigner while it can be Kevin Owens who seeks justice. Again, he is someone who runs solo but then at times for a bigger cause, you need to shake things up. The reconciliation of Shield to destroy Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa is going to be a massive move and once Reigns return from his hiatus, expect the fans to go crazy through the roof like when Punk and Orton returned back to business.


That Triple Powerbomb through the table is a giveaway of something massive being cooked by the industry and all roads possibly lead to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins running together again.

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