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Bianca Blair Crawford, better known by her ring name Bianca Belair, is an American professional wrestler and fitness figurehead currently making waves in WWE. Born on April 9, 1989, Belair’s journey to wrestling stardom began in 2016 when she made her debut in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. She demonstrated her abilities early on by challenging for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair WWE
Image: WWE
Full Name Bianca Nicole Crawford
Date of Birth April 9, 1989
Nationality American
Birth Place Knoxville, Tennessee
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)
Debut April 24, 2016 (in NXT)
Nickname The EST of WWE
Spouse Montez Ford (real name: Kenneth Crawford)


After switching to the SmackDown brand, Belair’s rise to prominence skyrocketed in 2021 after she won the Women’s Royal Rumble match. With her historic triumph, she not only cemented her place among the best in the business but also became the second African American, after The Rock, to win a Royal Rumble match.

When Belair faced Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania37, it was one of her most memorable moments. Not only did women headline WrestleMania for the second time, but it was also the first time two African Americans were the main event of the WWE.

WWE Bianca Belair
Image: WWE

Belair has received recognition outside of the ring. She was recognised as the top female wrestler among the top 150 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) in 2021, a recognition of her talent, personality, and influence on the business. By 2023, Bianca Belair will have held the record for the longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion in history with an astounding 420-day reign.

Bianca Belair
Image: WWE

She has broken records not just for women but also for the longest reigning black world champion and African American singles champion since 2006. WWE is delighted to market her as the longest-reigning women’s champion of the modern period. With each stride she makes in the ring, Bianca Belair leaves a lasting impact in the WWE that goes beyond simply shattering stereotypes.

How many times has Bianca Belair won women’s championships?

Bianca Belair is a three-time women’s champion, showcasing her dominance and skill in the WWE women’s division.

What is Bianca Belair’s notable achievement in the Royal Rumble?

In 2021, Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble match, making history as the second African American, after The Rock, to win a Royal Rumble match.

What record did Bianca Belair set in 2023?

In 2023, Bianca Belair became the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion with an impressive reign of 420 days, making her the longest-reigning women’s champion of the modern era.

What other records has Bianca Belair broken in WWE?

Bianca Belair holds the records for the longest-reigning black world champion (male or female) and the longest-reigning African American for any singles championship since 2006.

What are Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania moment?

At WrestleMania 37, Belair faced Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, marking the second time women main-evented WrestleMania and the first time two African Americans headlined WWE’s flagship event.

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