4 potential feuds for Alexa Bliss when she comes back to WWE

The Goddess, Alexa Bliss took a break from in-ring action as she and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, awaited their first child. Recently, the couple welcomed a baby girl, so it won’t be much longer before we see Alexa Bliss back in the squared circle.

Alexa Bliss’s last in ring appearance was on January 28, 2023, at the Royal Rumble, where she competed against Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship. She recently shared a photo on Instagram, hinting a potential return to the Royal Rumble.

The prospect of Alexa Bliss making a comeback at the Royal Rumble, exactly a year after her last appearance, would be quite exciting. Let’s explore four potential feuds that could unfold whenever Alexa Bliss makes her return to WWE.


1. Alexa Bliss targets Rhea Ripley for the Smackdown Womens championship

Due to an unfortunate injury, Charlotte Flair will miss WrestleMania, where she was initially set to face Rhea Ripley. If Alexa returns in time, she could take Charlotte’s place and compete against Rhea Ripley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

2. Alexa Bliss comes back with her old dark gimmick

With the unfortunate passing of Bray Wyatt, a noticeable void is felt in the WWE universe. Being a part of Bray Wyatt’s dark world already, Alexa Bliss could be transitioned into her old gimmick and pick up the story where Bray Wyatt left off. Bliss’s participation, coupled with Uncle Howdy will keep the mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere alive in WWE.

3. Revenge against Bianca Belair

As mentioned earlier, Bianca Belair was the final opponent Alexa Bliss faced before her departure. They competed at the Royal Rumble for the Raw Women’s Championship, and Bianca Belair successfully defended her title. Alexa Bliss still has unfinished business with her, so she could go after The EST upon her return and run back the rivalry.


4. Forming tag team with Nia Jax


Nia Jax made her WWE return this year, but her future creative plans are still uncertain. One intriguing possibility could be teaming up with Alexa Bliss when she makes her comeback. Both superstars have their individual tag team history so an alliance between two terrifying personalities would introduce a new dynamic in the women’s tag team division.



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