WWE Eliminaton Chamber 2024 predictions: Who will win the Women’s Elimination Chamber match?

The biggest question in the minds of wrestling fans is who will win the women’s WWE Elimination Chamber match. With the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 all set to roll in Australia, the first event in the country ever since 2018, the women’s match-up that feature six heavyweights in the women’s division is lined up as a blockbuster. The winner of this match-up will be locking herself up in the World title match at WrestleMania 40.

Even though one wrestler is still to qualify for the match-up, the ones who have already made the cut include the likes of Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi and whoever makes the cut. So who gets to win the contest? Well, here is the possible winner of the contest.

Becky Lynch has been doing heavy rounds for WWE and has drifted in and out of the roster all its brands. She is a crowd favourite and WWE would love to see her go head to head against the might of Rhea Ripley. She should ideally be the favourite to win this contest and the storylines that she has been working with, has been something that has left the crowd riveted.


The EST of the company, Bianca Belair has always been a crowd puller and she continues to be another hot favourite to win this contest. Even though the second favourite in the line ever since she dropped the title, Belair has always come close and lingered around the title over and over again.

Here is why Tiffany Stratton may not win the Elimination Chamber match-up for women

Tiffany Stratton can be a hotshot too but then again with her recent development she may need some time to actually lay hands on the title. She is a well built wrestler and her fighting skills can be a massive momentum for her to raise hell but then with truth being told, she is not the favourite to win the contest.

Liv Morgan is certainly a force to reckon with in WWE but once again, her winning the contest seems highly unlikely. She would probably use this match-up to forge a storyline that would go on against any other opposition but her winning the title is questionable.


The final name in the mix at the moment is Naomi. Well, if she wins the contest, it is nothing but a wild card victory. Even though it is highly unlikely, yet it cannot be completely overruled that she may challenge the supremacy of the Elimination Chamber.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: Becky Lynch to be the one who will win the women’s WWE Elimination Chamber match. 


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