​WWE Money in the Bank 2023 match card: 3 things that Bray Wyatt can do on the show

Bray Wyatt has been away from the wrestling roster for a while and as per the latest updates, there aren’t many positives on when would he return to the ring. As per the latest reports, he is still battling mental health issues that coincided with his Covid. Things went from bad to worse for him and at the moment it is still a question mark that when he would return.


However, he has been used in such a phenomenal manner, that WWE universe loves him like anything and probably he is one of those rare heels who gets more pops than boos unlike the other. From a heel, he has bagged the status of an anti-hero that is a very tough line to walk. Here are three things that Bray Wyatt can do if he returns.

#1 Call out Brock Lesnar into a battle that he has never faced

Lesnar at the moment is miles away from any belt around his waist and he is somehow exploring the alleys of new things in WWE. Wyatt’s arrival can hint at the return of a demon and a very dark aura. Brock’s battle with the Undertaker was more of a streak-breaking story. However, Wyatt’s anti-hero gimmick takes him to that level where he is usually not a man of limits. This is where Brock gets tested.


#2 Go face to face with Cody Rhodes

Keeping is heel personality intact, Bray Wyatt can challenge Cody Rhodes and keep him fighting a war of nightmares. Particularly going by Cody’s nickname, the American Nightmare, Bray Wyatt can actually explore the nightmarish side of the ring and try and carry forth his dark gimmick. From the Fiend to the Eater of the Worlds, Wyatt makes a perfect opposition for Cody.

#3 Returns with a faction of his own to face the Judgement Day

The Judgement Day has been running riots over WWE and who better than Bray Wyatt to make a comeback and challenge them. Wyatt can form another stable and come hunting for the Judgement Day, particularly leading the charge against Rhea Ripley’s evil avatar. If someone in the history of WWE has the guts to return and take on Rhea, it has to be Bray Wyatt.


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