Here Is The Reason Why TNA Wrestling Is Returning In 2024

Recently, IMPACT Wrestling made waves with the unexpected announcement that it will revert to its previous moniker, Total Nonstop Action (TNA), effective January 2024. In the professional wrestling community, the disclosure—which came at the Bound for Glory event on October 21—has drawn criticism for its calculated nature.

What then is the background of this choice? Mike Johnson offers insightful information about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of this change.

The announcement of IMPACT’s name change was initially intended to coincide with the Slammiversary pay-per-view in July. However, for various reasons, it was delayed and eventually unveiled at Bound for Glory. This decision to revert to the TNA moniker was made approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the announcement.


IMPACT Wrestling aiming to revive itself as TNA

One of the main driving forces for this move is IMPACT Wrestling’s aim to unify its convoluted and disjointed past. The business has tried a number of rebranding initiatives throughout the years, going under names including Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling. IMPACT intends to bring its history together under a one roof by reverting to the TNA brand.

In addition, it’s said that the overseas partners of the promotion prefer the “TNA” moniker, which some are still using in the background in spite of the branding changes. A major factor in the choice was the desire to stand with these foreign partners.


Johnson’s report also highlights that IMPACT (then IMPACT/TNA) engaged its fans by polling their preferences regarding the name earlier in 2023. The feedback received from fans clearly indicated a preference for TNA over IMPACT, reinforcing the notion that this transition aligns with the audience’s sentiments. Additionally, fans chanting “TNA” while attending IMPACT events on the road contributed to this shift in perception.

At one juncture, IMPACT had grand plans to reinvigorate TNA as a separate brand, compete with its own television show, following a reunion pay-per-view. However, the unforeseen disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic halted these aspirations. Instead, IMPACT will close out 2023 under its current name, paving the way for a transition back to TNA for the “Hard to Kill” event in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled for January.


To mark a symbolic change, new TNA Championship belts will be made for the current titleholders in advance of this transfer. In addition, the weekly TV show will be called “TNA Impact Wrestling.” Regarding the renowned six-sided ring, which was a signature of TNA in the past, there are no plans to bring it back at this time. Standard wrestling rings are more accomodating to wrestlers’ physical needs, thus it’s a sensible decision for the organisation.

The resurgence of the brand marks a fascinating turn in the promotion’s long history, representing the growth and resuscitation of a wrestling heritage that still has a devoted following throughout the globe.


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