WWE Reportedly Removes Former Champion From Active Roster

It seems that WWE is now once again on the purge and they have started taking names off the roster and the latest sacrifice to this cleansing is none other Robert Roode as per the report of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

June 2022 was the last time where Roode fought his last match. In that year, he played 12 televised matches and all of them came alongside another superstar of the ring, Dolph Ziggler, the A-lister that WWE released in the last purge.

Currently, Robert Roode is working production for WWE after copping a serious nick injury that is going to take a while before he can recover and return to the ring for a while. As per the latest report by Fightful select, there is too much blur around his return date. To be honest, the chances of Roode returning to the company is very less.


Here is what the current update about Robert Roode is

It was in 2016 when Robert Roode signed with the company and quickly started rising the ranks to become the NXT champion through a rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura. In 2017, he was promoted to the main roster. After his promotion however, where the game is altogether a different ball game he could only serve as a midcard wrestler.

However, during his midcard reign as well, he managed to bag several titles that included the likes of the United States Championship, Smack Down Tag Team and Raw Tag Team. He has been in the wrestling circuit since 1998 and made ripples around the globe during his fine run in TNA from 2004 to 2016.

As per the latest inside report, WWE has taken off Roode’s name from the roster but there isn’t any concrete evidence to support this statement. With all said and done, if there is not some significant development, Roode may actually be on his way out.


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