An open letter to Sting

Dear Sting,

This was a long time coming. The fact that it didn’t happen before was possibly shocking. But was it? This letter is not going to be about where you fought and where you didn’t. This is just going to be an ode to the legacy that you are leaving behind. This is just going to be an answer to all the questions that were asked in your prolonged career and you chose to just wrestle hard enough.

So Sting, it all started back in 1985. Almost 40 years in the ring, right? It comes with a lot of twists, a lot of turns, a lot of gimmicks and then the intolerable pain that you have to put your body through. It is not easy and it never will be. But guess what, it is totally worth it.


From the early days when Blade Runner Flash, a bit too long in the name but as the generations would have it to becoming Sting, the road was riddled with thorns, thumbtacks and most importantly oddities that would never see the light of the day.

The first appearance of Sting happened in 1986 when you arrived at UWF. Guess what, who was there next to you? The Ultimate Warrior. Already making ripples back then, Eh? Well, greats have a knack of doing it.

Two years down the line, the historic turnaround of affairs happened when you signed for a major promotion called WCW. That is where it all changed. From being touted as the Franchise of WCW, you held 15 championships which had six reigns with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and two reigns with the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship.


Sting, back in those days, there were very few characters who would actually be bold enough to sport a war-paint. Ultimate Warrior made good use of the mask and just when anonymity was hitting the ceiling, you picked up the war paint and Boom! It went through the roofs.

Since then, TNA has happened, you have returned to WWE and then left for AEW as well. It was yesterday that you fought your last battle with tears in your eyes. The streets will always remember you Sting and so will I. You know why? Because when I was a kid, the first definition of being cool was applying your war paint to my face. The consequences, didn’t matter. For a kid loves to be what he sees. From being a grisly personality in the ring to a gentle avuncular human being who is the kindest to the rest of the world.

Yours sincerely,


A crazy wrestling fan

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