WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: Who will win Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax match?

The Women’s division in WWE has got a facelift ever since Rhea Ripley has stepped in. One of the most dynamic wrestlers who have drawn comparison to the iconic Chyna, Ripley has been the heart and soul of the company when it comes to raising hell in the Women’s sector. However, meeting her with equal force is another stalwart called Nia Jax. Come Elimination Chamber, and we are in for a treat again.

It goes without a saying when the two collide, it is going to be a slugfest where no one will be holding back and will possibly be throwing everything at each other without a second thought. The best part about this battle is that no one is a heel here and neither anyone is a face. This new approach by WWE worked wonders in the NXT where Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams managed to carry out the stories perfectly just by being real.

Here is why Rhea Ripley should not be defeated at the Elimination Chamber

It is all about rivalries and the kind of fan following that Rhea has, the WWE Universe will certainly be on her side. Apart from her heel persona which she unleashes for the Judgment Day, her wrestling flair is top gun. So who wins the match-up between Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax obviously remain a question.


Well going by the workrate and the current storylines, there are no reasons that the title will possibly be changing hands so soon. It is highly unlikely for Nia to win the contest. However, the battle will be absolutely delightful and we will see two powerhouses bringing the roof down without hesitation.

As per the inside reports, the next woman who would possibly be snatching the title from Rhea Ripley should be Jade Cargill. So that will take time, possibly another year or six months, in the first place for Cargill to be introduced into the mix. Once that happens, then maybe Rhea can drop the belt. However, for the moment, the Eradicator should walk away victorious in the Elimination Chamber.


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