4 things which prove Kelly Kelly is a WWE legend

Kelly Kelly was one of the most talented yet underrated WWE performers in the history of the company. The woman who debuted in 2008 in the previous brand, ECW worked her way up the ladder to become a popular face in her time that had an array of legends in her roster.

While Kelly has been a champion before earning various important records and accolades, her influence and fame have not been able to get recognition. So here are the 4 reasons why Kelly Kelly is an actual legend:

1. WWE Debut at an early age

At the time Kelly Kelly came into WWE back in the late 2000s, superstars were usually able to sign with the company in their mid-20s after gaining much experience in the ring outside the global juggernaut. However, Kelly broke those barriers by signing with WWE at the age of only 19.


2. First woman to be the WWE Draft pick

Before there was a movement called Women’s Revolution that changed the game for women in WWE, Kelly Kelly and the female stars of her roster were laying the foundations for a better future. This was proven when Kelly became the first female WWE star to be chosen as the first pick, as part of the WWE Draft 2010 to SmackDown, a feat still achieved by only a rare class of female athletes to this day.

3. Highest social media following of her time

The popularity of Kelly Kelly and his history-making antics during her time could be measured by a social media record she clinched. In 2011 and 2012, the former WWE Divas Champion had the largest number of followers on Twitter among the divas in her locker room, with a total of 250,000 fans.

4. Same character throughout her tenure

Unlike many WWE superstars who have switched characters over the years, Kelly Kelly had only been a beloved babyface in the WWE landscape during her tenure, making her the ultimate good guy and joining a rare class of WWE superstars in her own right.



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