Former Indian Kabaddi team captain Ajay Thakur reveals his struggles during the strict lockdown in Himachal Pradesh

Former captain of the Indian kabaddi team Ajay Thakur appeared on Pro Kabaddi’s Instagram show Beyond The Mat – Season II, where he spoke about a range of interesting topics.

Many Indian kabaddi fans would know that Ajay Thakur also holds the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police in Himachal Pradesh. He was actively working during the strict lockdown period in late March and early April, ensuring that the citizens stay at home.

In his recent interview, the ace Indian kabaddi team raider Ajay Thakur explained how he dealt with the curfew-type situation in his home state.


It was difficult to find time to practice for kabaddi in these situations: Ajay Thakur

Ajay Thakur is one of the best players in the Indian kabaddi team. He played an integral role for the Indian kabaddi team in their 2016 World Cup triumph. However, he found it challenging to practice for kabaddi during the lockdown.

Here’s what Ajay Thakur said:

“When there was a complete lockdown, it was tough even for us. We had to stay out for the entire day. That time there was a total curfew in Himachal Pradesh and no one was allowed to step out. We had to put in a lot of hard work, because I had to practice as well and it was difficult to find time in these situations. Now it has become a bit easy, because the lockdown has been lifted to some extent. All we have to do now is follow social distancing. So my duties have relaxed a bit now. But during the curfew, I saw tough times.”


Indian kabaddi star Ajay Thakur won the hearts of his fans with his off-court performance this time. The fans expect him to return to the kabaddi mat soon. It will be intriguing to see if Ajay could replicate his past performances even after a long break.


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