“England players not sick because of food, they actually have low immunity,” Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez diagnoses England cricket team’s health problems on twitter

England cricket team brought their own chef to the test tour of Pakistan, but majority of their players still got sick

The former Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez reckons that the players of the England cricket team have not gotten sick because of the quality of food that they have been provided in Pakistan, but they have gotten sick because their immunity is low.

When England cricket team toured Pakistan for the T20I series ahead of the World Cup, they had a few issues with the food and then they decided to bring their own chef when they toured Pakistan again for the test matches. But despite bringing their own chef on the test tour, 14 England players and coaches have suffered a stomah bug just a day before the start of the first test match in Rawalpindi.

Joe Root was one of the few England players who made it to the practice session earlier today and when he was asked if he thinks the infection is related to food or if it’s just a general infection that has swept through the camp, Root said that he doesn’t think it’s related to food because the chef, whom they have brought on the tour, has himself gotten sick.


Speedy recovery to all England players: Mohammad Hafeez

Mohammad Hafeez reacted to the comment of Root on twitter and said that the sickness of the England players seems to be related to their low immunity capability rather than the food, but Hafeez, at the same time, also wished a speedy recovery to the whole England team.

As things stand right now, England are not in a position to field 11 players on the park and if the situation doesn’t improve overnight, the cricket boards of England and Pakistan might have to make a mutual decision of postponing the start of the first test match by 24 hours.

However, even if that decision has to be made, it is likely to be made tomorrow after it is established how the sick England players are feeling early in the morning. The starting date of the test match at the moment is an uncertainty.



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