Chris Gayle is coming soon, says Jaffer

As Kings XI Punjab has been rooted to the rock bottom of the table, securing a solitary victory of the first five games, the frowns on the countenances of Punjab management are intensifying and so are the chances of Gayle’s appearance. To add to their woes, a major question has been looming across the horizon where repeated mentions of Chris Gayle have been made.

Once the opening pair of Punjab falls, the entire team has been squirming to steal a few runs in the middle order and it has cost them dearly. Hence, the presence of Gayle would ensure an early boost for the entire squad, based on which the team can build.

Much to the surprise of everyone they have two of their best options waiting on the bench. Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Chris Gayle. Wasim Jaffer, the batting coach of Punjab has revealed plans of introducing both of them to the attack very shortly.


Jaffer has mentioned that he would not like a situation where both of them will have to be introduced when winning every match becomes a necessity. This will create an unnecessary burden on them and will compel them to do things which will impact their regular game.

Aware of the situation that Punjab will need to turn things around very quickly in order to survive, Jaffer hinted at the introduction of two of their best match-winners.

He stated, “It should happen soon. As I said, it needs to happen sooner than later. We don’t want to bring them when every game is a must-win game. Hopefully, we will have those guys featuring soon. Chris looks very much ready and is keen to get on to the park, he has been training really well and has looked really good in the nets.”


Chris Gayle is a massive-impact player: Jaffer

The coach clarified the fact that the 41-year-old muscle man is in great touch. Jaffer also mentioned that he can clearly make an impact that will change the fortunes of the game.

Jaffer concluded by saying, “He is such an impact player, we all know what he can do. I hope he turns up and turns it on the straightaway and changes the tide for all of us. He looks hungry, and that is a very good sign for the franchise. I am hoping he plays quickly. We need match-winners, as many as possible. Not just for the next game, also for the rest of the tournament as he can easily win you four-five games on his own.”


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