3 batters who have taken the least balls to score 10000 T20 runs

We have now arrived at the era where batters are entering the 10K milestone of T20 runs. While in the past, reaching this milestone itself was great, the conversation has now shifted to how these players got to this milestone. Scoring 10K T20 runs is a great feat and doing that a fantastic strike rate is an even better achievement. On that note, here, we take a look at the list of three batters who have taken the least balls to score 10000 T20 runs.

3) Alex Hales – 6774 Deliveries

Alex Hales has played in various T20 leagues across the globe. He is an aggressive batter and has scored 10000 T20 runs without playing a lot in the IPL.

He recently announced his retirement from all forms of the game. The English opener is now focussing on participating in T20 leagues.


2) Chris Gayle – 6705 Deliveries

Chris Gayle stands at No.2 on this list of batters who have taken the least balls to score 10000 T20 runs. The presence of Chris Gayle is no surprise. It is actually a surprise that he is at No.2 and not at No.1.

Gayle was the player who became one of the first ambassadors of the format. At RCB, he scored runs heavily and got them at a spectacular strike rate. Near the end of his career, he started taking more time before he got going.

1) Kieron Pollard – 6640 Deliveries

It is surprising to note that it is Kieron Pollard who stands at the top of the list. Firstly, for a player who majorly operates at No.5 or No.6, it is excellent that he has scored 10000 T20 runs.


Now, for the role that he plays, he has to score runs at a good strike rate. Hence, naturally, he has taken fewer balls compared to the top-order batters to get to this milestone. Credit goes to Pollard for being one of the very few lower middle-order batters to do this.

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