5 possible storylines for Edge after his shocking AEW debut

As Edge switched his loyalty to AEW, it is expected that he will be making ripples of the highest order when it comes to bringing the roof down in the industry. However, the most obvious question is what storylines should be working in favor of Edge?

Is there a particular plan that is in place for the R-Rated superstar or is AEW still working on the same? The answer can be different for both aspects but once again, what matters is that the storyline is being worked upon and with all said and done, here are five storylines that Edge may be a part of to propel AEW to the skies.

#1 Edge gets a dream match with Kenny Omega in AEW

Talk about bringing the roof down and Edge makes a perfect cut for a battle with the one and only, Kenny Omega. The two have a similar wrestling style and more importantly both the grapplers are phenomenal promo-cutters. If things be alright, then the R-Rated Superstar will be a perfect fit for a towering opposition against Omega.

#2 Set up for a no-disqualification match between Edge and Jon Moxley in AEW

Talk about no-disqualification and Jon Moxley automatically comes to your mind. Edge, on the contrary, has a particular inclination towards getting those toys out and with superstars like these coming to the groove, expect all sorts of madness reign supreme in the ring and the fans would go crazy undoubtedly.


#3 Bring Copeland and Samoa Joe to the same ring

Talk about hitting the stride of madness and these two have already shown the world what can happen when they get together. It is utter chaos. Samoa Joe is already a proven success and is one of the most experienced wrestlers. He is someone who cuts a perfect figure of fear while Edge has an unique heel inside him that can drive anyone crazy.

#4 How about another old rivalry being born as Bryan Danielson and Edge goes head to head

Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson, the man who sent the WWE Universe in a frenzy, would be hoping to bring the roof down on Edge after he missed out on an opportunity back during his days for Triple H and company. The history that was penned at WrestleMania can also be penned at AEW when Edge comes knocking.

#5 Pair Edge and Christian and match them up with the Dark Order

Edge and Christian are the closest of buddies wherever it may be. It can be in WWE or AEW and that makes them a formidable force. When these two come together, they have made the most surreal things happen and how about a match-up against the mighty Dark Order comprising the likes of Evil Uno, John Silver and Brodie Lee.


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