Bryan Danielson Challenges Top Name to a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match

Despite a defeat at the hands of Zack Sabre Jr, the spirit of Bryan Danielson still burns bright and the former WWE champion wants another match-up against the iconic Zack but this time he wants things to take place in a neutral ground.

It was the Osaka show that saw Zack Sabre walking away with the bragging rights which was kind of expected considering the rules favoured the NJPW star. After 32 minutes of relentless action, Sabre was able to turn things around, eventually pinning the former WWE superstar. The post-match saw the two heroes exchanging smiles, a handshake and a boatload of respect for each other.

However, that wasn’t the beginning of this iconic rivalry for the two. Both the stars collided at AEW WrestleDream back in October 2023 where Danielson got the better of Sabre. In the tag-team match that the two were a part of, the bragging rights of that match was secured by the Technical Wizard and his TMDK chums. It was Tomohiro Ishii who took the losing fall for Daniel’s sable.


Here is what Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr had to say about each other

It was on the heels of the New Beginning in Osaka where the American Dragon cut a backstage promo, heaping plaudits on Sabre, touting him as the finest technical wrestler on the face of this planet. He also mentioned that Sabre grounded Bryan with his eye and his arm healed and that is no mean feat. But then the bearded maestro was far from over as he wanted one more match with the Wizard and this time he wanted the two to face in a neutral ground.

Out of the two solo contests, as things stand, the first one was won by Daniel in the AEW grounds while the second one was bagged by Zack in NJPW soil. Now Bryan wants to duke out the final battle and this should be on no one’s grounds.

Zack Sabre mentioned in his post-match comments that he admired Danielson being one of his role models. But when it comes down to principals, he is going to stick around NJPW for every single day in his life.


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