WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: 5 potential endings to Gunther vs The Miz match

WWE has been doing a great job in terms of PPVs as they are all set to unfurl another one in the 2023 Survivor Series. One of the most important matches that will be doing its rounds in the PPV is that of Gunther vs the Miz as we are all set to witness what can very well be an absolute cracker of a match-up between two superstars.

Gunther continues to keep the IC title with him while Miz has challenged him for the belt around his waist. It has been a while since we have seen Miz in some hard-hitting title challenge while we have also forgotten that when did Gunther actually face a match of his own calibre. Here are five possible finishes to Gunther vs Miz.

#1 Gunther records a clean win vs The Miz


This is a rarity considering the fact that the ring-general, Gunther is a heel but then in WWE we have seen the craziest of things happen and this is just going to be another of those battles where a heel actually pins his opposition cleanly without any assistance from outside which has been the case with heels for an eternity now.

#2 Miz stuns the world with a clean victory vs Gunther

Vice-versa to the first outcome, the Miz can also bag the title considering the fact that it has been a while since WWE has given him a title shot and at the same time, it has been a while since people have seen Gunther as the champion. Maybe this is the call to glory for the A-Lister and this is exactly the best opportunity considering the similar stature of both the wrestlers.

#3 Gunther gets help from the Imperium and retains the title

Gunther manages to corner the Miz and almost beat him when he kicks out. However, knowing the Miz he would turn the match-up on its head in his favour and will be on the cusp of what can be a remarkable victory while Gunther throws a spanner in his plans alongside Imperium who will be deploying Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser.


#4 The Miz gets uninvited help from Chad Gable

Despite all the fun and love from Chad Gable, the man who has been a crucial part of the Alpha Academy was also denied by Gunther. Just in order to avenge the earlier defeat, the Miz may see Chad Gable raining terror upon Gunther and eventually set up the victory for the Miz and make him the new Intercontinental champion.

#5 Ludwig Kaiser costs Gunther the match-up

Everything will be going fine until there comes a turn where the Miz gets the upper hand and unloads himself on Gunther. In order to save the ring General from taking a further beatdown, Ludwig Kaiser tries to make amends and rush out to the help of Gunther and in the process takes him out, eventually costing him the title.


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