WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: 5 possible endings to The Judgment Day vs New Catch Republic tag team match

With less than five days remaining for the WWE Elimination Chamber, the tag team division will see Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest face the newly coined tag team which had old members in the form of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. Fans are excited for the Judgment Day vs New Catch Republic contest. Obviously the return of these two superstars re-instilled belief in the WWE Universe that something big may be cooking.

However, what would be the possible fate of the upcoming clash that would see Finn Balor and Priest going head on against Dunne and Bate? Actually a lot of outcomes may be possible and here are five of them which can leave the WWE universe shellshocked after the match between the Judgment Day and the New Catch Republic.

#1 The New Catch Republic wins clean vs The Judgment Day

The most obvious conclusion is that of Judgment day winning the contest but then again just to make DP desperate to finally go for the cash in of the MITB contract, WWE may decide to strip Judgment Day of the titles. Also the faction is barely dangling in by a loose thread and in order to cut it open, the New Catch Republic’s win is more than enough.


#2 R Truth costs the Judgment Day the title vs New Catch Republic

With the recent beatdown inflicted on R Truth by Damian Priest, he will obviously be plotting revenge. Truth may have the best shot in costing the faction their most prized possession for the moment. Particularly, with Priest and Balor involved, Truth may sneak in and distract them until the New Catch Republic pins them up for a win.

#3 R Truth and Miz attack the Judgment Day viciously to result the match in disqualification

While the JD is busy in working the tag team, Truth and his friend, the Miz goes all guns blazing against the Archer of Infamy and the Demon to result the match in a disqualification. This also means that they will not be losing while the New Catch Republic will possibly be eyeing a triple threat tag team match next.

#4 Rhea Ripley saves the day for JD

The Eradicator wins the day for the faction once again, eventually saving the day for the faction while taking on the rest of the team in a personal rebuke, underlining the fact that they should be driving harder than ever to defend the titles by themselves. Once again possibly driving at the hint of the fact that its high time she should separate herself from the faction.


#5 The Judgment Day wins the match and then unleash a vicious attack on their opposition

Finn and Damian Priest go mercilessly against NCR and leave them helpless against relentless assault. The entire faction goes all guns blazing, beating them black and blue to just dish out a statement ahead of the upcoming WrestleMania while WWE finds a perfect opponent for them.

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