4 most underrated male Superstars in WWE in 2024

WWE is known to feature an array of competitors who belong to various sections of television programming and storylines depending on their TV time and popularity. But there are some WWE superstars, particularly in the male division, who are known to put in the work, more than expected and are not always awarded the flowers they deserve.

Despite the WWE Universe demanding to see them in main event spots and getting meaningful opportunities, these 5 WWE superstars can be labeled as underrated in 2024:

1. LA Knight

WWE’s resident megastar, LA Knight has gone through various ups and downs in his WWE career. After his successful stint in NXT, he was called up to the SmackDown roster only to have his momentum ruined and be pushed to the bottom of the show card.


But The Megastar reverted back to his old popular gimmick and worked his way back to the top, gaining massive attention and his popularity skyrocketing off the roof last year. Despite that, LA Knight is still yet to receive a major push, potentially a run as champion that would put him in a top-tier spot in the WWE roster.

2. The Miz

The Miz has been credited to be not only one of the biggest underrated WWE stars of 2024 but all time. The man who was not destined for any main event program captivated the audience with his charisma and personality and even with moderate in-ring acumen, became a legitimate star of the locker room.

But even after capturing multiple titles, accolades and even headlining WrestleMania, the A-lister has always craved an opportunity to run with the ball and ascend as one of the biggest main event attractions for the company.


3. Chad Gable

Chad Gable is among the elite class of technically skilled in-ring performers on the WWE roster today. But even with the accolade of being a part of the Olympics along with title reigns, Gable has yet to reach his full potential.

Moreover, he was the hot favorite heading into WrestleMania as GUNTHER’s top contender for the WWE Intercontinental Title, only for WWE higher-ups to pass it over to Sami Zayn and make Gable a footnote in his story to end GUNTHER’s record-setting reign. Had it been the other way around, Chad Gable would have cemented his place as a top-tier WWE superstar of the modern era.

4. Ricochet

Despite the amazing and never-before-seen talent possessed by Ricochet, The One and Only has never reached his full potential during his WWE run. However, his recent success against The Judgment Day and being dubbed as the ‘Highlight of the Night’ on Monday Night RAW has led to him gaining momentum and potentially a major push for all the hard work he has done so far, but never reaching the top of the pedestal.


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