WWE WrestleMania XL Predictions: 5 possible endings to AJ Styles vs LA Knight match

WrestleMania 40 has shaped up into one of the most highly anticipated match cards of all time with an excellent line-up planned for the show. Among those stellar bouts, one major bout that has the people talking for weeks is the huge singles match between LA Knight and AJ Styles.

Tensions between both SmackDown stars began at the time of the Royal Rumble surrounding the Undisputed WWE Universal Title and continued all the way on the road to WrestleMania. With the first-ever match set to go down between both individuals in Philadelphia, let’s take a look at 5 possibilities for the ending of the showdown.

1. AJ Styles uses underhanded tactics to put down LA Knight

AJ Styles has been known to resort to underhanded tactics to seal the victory when The Phenomenal One is pushed to his limit. Surely LA Knight has done that after recently invading his home and brawling all the way in his front yard.



With anger taking over Styles, it could lead to him using unfair means, much like a low blow or a foreign object to knock off LA Knight at The Grandest Stage of them all.

2. LA Knight goes rogue on the WWE Universe

WWE is known to throw the curve ball when the fans least expect and the match between AJ Styles and LA Knight could be a perfect opportunity for a double turn. The match finish could see LA Knight losing to Styles despite a valiant effort, with the former WWE champion putting out his hand in respect to the rising star.

That could be the moment that LA Knight lets the embarrassment of a huge loss catch up to him and launch a heinous attack on AJ Styles with the company beginning to turn their Megastar into a heel for a new creative direction to be explored.


3. WWE’s resident Megastar reigns supreme at WrestleMania

The rise of LA Knight has been sensational as seen for the better part of last year. The battle against a legend like AJ Styles could be the moment he takes things to the next level with an instant classic wrestling showing and defeating The Phenomenal One clean to clinch his first big WrestleMania victory and moment.

4. The match ends without a decisive winner

The WWE Universe has been well known about the heated issues between LA Knight and AJ Styles heading into WrestleMania 40. From Styles traveling all the way to Australia to cost him a chance at a major title match at WrestleMania to LA Knight launching an attack on AJ Styles at his own house, things have certainly become personal between the duo.

The tension could escalate even further with both WWE superstars brawling all around the Lincoln Financial Field decimating each other with everything in sight leading to the match ending in a No-contest without a clear winner for the Mania bout.


5. AJ Styles has a major endorsement for LA Knight at WrestleMania 40

Being a veteran of the business, AJ Styles has always had a keen eye for remarkable talent inside the squared circle and after his exceptional bout with LA Knight, Styles could do what many would not be expecting from his end.

The match finish could see LA Knight clinch the victory over Styles. While many would expect The Phenomenal One to simply walk away in anger, the tables can turn and AJ Styles could shake LA Knight’s hand in respect endorsing WWE’s resident megastar as a future potential main-eventer.

Don’t miss the excitement that awaits all the members of the WWE Universe as WrestleMania 40 takes place on April 6 and 7 at the Lincoln Financial Field.


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